STLB is one of the new main tools of BCC-BC.
The STLB Platform is a laser based generic and unique technology for deposition of ultra-thin and thin films, nano coatings and nano structuring of inorganic and/or organic substances, including polymers, biopolymers, proteins and complex materials as multilayers, on inorganic, organic or complex material substrates, in one device and within one technology cycle. The processes are strongly controllable.
Recently, the technology is mainly used for coatings on medical implants, and development of thin films and nano coatings for sensor and biosensor applications. Further more, the technology will be developed toward general and special utilities.
What is New ?
Why it is Needed ?
* Simple, easy and controllable choice of low, high or both energy type of the processes in one device and within one technology cycle;
* Deposition of organic and/or inorganic agents on organic or inorganic substrates within one technology cycle;
* Ability to deposit hybrid nano structures, composites and entirely new materials with brand new properties;
* Transfer and precise deposition of highly organized biological structures, transfer of living cells
* Obtaining a new generation nano structured thin films, coatings and matrix composites.
* Simultaneous or sequential deposition of atomic mono layers, super lattice and layers up to micro level thickness;
* Suitable in vacuum as in normal ambient medium
* Multilayer arrays for drug elution purposes, sensor and biosensor arrays.

Magnetron Sputtering.
Direct Laser Writing of Ohmic contacts on A2B6 semiconductor thin films.(Patent)
PLD of HTSC thin films.
World pioneers in super fast
laser thermoannealing and direct writing planar HTSC areas.(Patent)

Design of stent.
Development of DLC coated stent.
MAPLE testing for solar cells application from A2B6 compounds.

Coats established.

DLC coated Nitinol Stent.
Multilayer PLGAST coatings on
DLC coated Stent
MDLS coated Stent.


BCC-BC has consulted, designed and delivered on turn-key-base complete semiautomatic technology line for stents manufacturing, including:
* Laser cutting module;
* Polishing;
* Thermoannealing;
* Testing, Crimping;

Sterilization and Packing.
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