The Platform is laser based generic and unique technology for deposition of thin films, ultra-thin films, nanocoatings and nanostructuring of organic or inorganic (including polymers, biopolymers, proteins) and complex materials on organic, inorganic or complex substrates in one device and within one technological cycle. The nano coatings keeps to preliminary determinated physical and chemical properties. The processes are strongly controlable.
Rerecently, the technology is mainly used for coating medical implants, sensors and biosensors.
Technology is developing further more toward general utility and special applications.
What is NEW?
* Opportunity to deposit organic or inorganic agents on organic or inorganic substrates within one technology cycle;
* Simple, easy and controllable choice of low, high or both energy type of the processes in one device and in one technological cycle;
* Ability to deposit hybrid nano structures, composites and entirely new materials with brand new properties;
Why it is NEEDED?
* Simultaneous and sequential deposition of atomic mono layers, super lattice and layers up to micro level coatings;
* Transfer and precise deposition of life bio cels;
* No need of constrain heating of the substrate and extremal temperatures at all;

Suitable in normal ambient medium as in vacuum for serial and parallel processing.
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