STLB Technology   Polymer P 329
MultiCoats uses STLB - laser based generic and unique technology for deposition of thin films, ultra-thin films, nanocoatings and nanostructures of inorganic or organic (including polymers, biopolymers, proteins) and complex materials on inorganic, organic or complex substrates in one device and within one technological cycle, with preliminary determinate physical-chemical properties and strong control on the process. Recently the technology is used for coating medical implants, markers, sensors and biosensors.
Bio-Degradable/Compatible natural polymer, P 329 (our designated name), has been delivered to Main Lab for deposition as nano film on DLC thin film deposited on goffered polymeric textile substrate used as medical implant by third party.
P 329 is perfect low mol.weight drug carrier with relatively fast elution term.
Affiliate Partnership   Coated Medical Implants (Stents)
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Within the nanolayer of Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) coated stents, nanoparticles of Silver and Platinum, have been incorporated.
Titanium, Zirconium and other metals are in due processing.
Nanostructures with highly controllable properties integrated within inorganic biocompatible, polymers, biopolymers and biological system at nanoscale. might be used for applications in new hybrid nano devices with unique properties, in the pharmaceutics, medicine, electronics, bioengineering and aerospace industries. STLB is capable of forming hybrid nanostructures and biofilms in single technology cycle.
Metal alloy M 014 Coatings   Teflon - DLC coats   P 312 Polymer Coatings
Biocompatible & biodegradable metal alloy M 014 has been deposited as ultra thin film on polymeric, metal and ceramic substrates.
The alloy has fixed rate of degradation implanted in tissue or in blood stream.
Suitable for usage in Drug Delivery Systems as carriage or ultra thin film cover on drug(s).
At request of Industrial manufacturer of medical implants, we have done deposition of DLC nano films on Teflon substrate.
Further on, we have created hybrid structures by incorporating one of the materials within the other.
In fact, we have got a subject with quite promising properties for industrial application.
Preparing some target samples for deposition of thin and ultra thin films of polymer P 312 (our designation) besides known properties, such as biocompatibility and biodegradability a photoluminescence has been observed within "blue" part of the spectrum with response time fare beyond 10 ns.
MultiCoats and Institute of Polymers have iniciated
joint Project Proposal
within the Seventh FrameWork Programe (Envoronment)
Project Proposal Title: New multifunctional smart sensor devices detecting heavy metals
MultiCoats is looking for Information data exchange, Collaboration, Cooperation and any other form of joint activities with regards to further on the research and applied research in the fields of :
* Laser-Vacuum Technologies;
* Nano Coatings: thin and ultra thin films, multi Layer Matrixes, Hybrid structures
* Sensors and Sensor Devices, Biosensors;
* Nano Medicine: coated medical implants; Drug Delivery Systems; Drug Eluting Matrixes;
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